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Wow Olbermann says it like it is.

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What can I say? Olbermann is just so good at scoring direct hits that it’s downright spooky. Who is occupying whose mind here? Olbermann mine or me Olbermann’s? It doesn’t really matter because the bottom line is that we’re on target when it comes to The Billionaire Bloom of New York City and his handling of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Heck, even NPR said at one point that it wouldn’t cover OWS unless there was violence involved. Gee, that must have been Mayor Bloomberg’s cue card to show his secret support for the people pointing fingers at the folks who destroyed the economy. Nothing else makes sense, does it? Why else would The Bloom march out New York’s finest to deal with peaceful protestors every chance he gets? With every confrontational step he takes, The Bloom aids and abets the very folks certain big banks want to banish into the pits of debt slavery of all ilks. A huge round…

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A New Hobby

It happens to me almost all the time. I find a new hobby that I enjoy but I don’t invest the time to actually make it a skill. Most recently I was thinking of the fashion industry. Keep in mind that I have no experience whatsoever in designing. I do pick up a copy of GQ when my interest is piqued so I wouldn’t say I am oblivious.

I want to be able to design my own clothing. I don’t wish to design women’s clothing because I believe that that is a totally different arena. I want to be able to add some sophistication that I’ve always thought about but never actually put in action.

I love dabbling in new areas and trying out new things. So I began to do some research about what are some of things that people that want to start designing clothes do. The first thing is creating a sketch. Having the ability to visualize what you want to create is very important. But where does this ability come from? One must be inspired to create things and where does this inspiration come from? Well what I’m doing is going through old issues of GQ and really paying close attention to the clothing and how they created the patterns of the clothing, the types of materials used, the colors, etc.

Below are some of the “sketches” I created this morning. It’s honestly nothing more than rough sketches and just playing with the idea that everything must be sketched out first and have an idea of where I want something to be or go.

Rough sketch


First Sketch

I know that this is something completely left field for myself because I graduated from UW with a degree in personal finance. I don’t want this to limit me.